Angie Byrom                  


I am a Tasmanian Designer/Maker using polymer clay, sterling silver, stainless steel, rubber and recycled materials as the basis for my jewellery designs.

Each polymer element, whether it’s a bead or a sculptural piece, is hand blended, formed, baked, sanded, buffed or glazed to bring out the incredible colours and versatility of this medium.

Sterling silver, stainless steel, rubber and other materials enhance the depth colours and add another dimension.

The character of the polymer that really appeals to me is its ability to hold form within the form, allowing incredibly detailed patterns to emerge.  While I like to think I have control over the finished product, the fact is that the polymer has a mind of its own, and so each piece takes on its own personality.

There are endless possibilities hidden in this medium, so far I think I have only scratched the surface…

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