Christine Hanna   

My environment, the Tasmanian landscape, influences the glass and porcelain pieces I make.     The patterns of the coastal landscape to the highland mountains of Tasmania inspire me. Snow and ice formations found in the frozen landscape, tessellate and erode in the same way as the coarse textured monolithic rock formations of the coast. Both snow and sand form organic linear patterns as they are blown across the earth’s surface. These formations, which move and change with the wind and sea, are reflected in the pieces I make.     I see the landscape through a series of overlaid patterns. The textures, colors, shadows and light of the landscape are overlapped to form one view. Although the glass panel is essentially two dimensional, the transparent nature of glass enables glimpses of these separate layers to be seen within this work.     To make the panels I apply glass powder to a sheet of white glass and then paint the glass by moving the powder with brushes, wooden implements and my fingers. Through a series subsequent firings and applications of powder, I build up the superimposed layers of the glass panel. . My work sometime combines the mediums of glass and porcelain. I fuse thin layers of glass onto porcelain and this creates a crazed glass surface. I also attach glass frit to the surface of the porcelain, which results in a crystallized surface, without the crazing. I enjoy the contrast of Colour and texture of the matt white porcelain, with the transparency of the colored glass.