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Proudly Australian Owned and Operated. Everything you need in shoes for little feet!


Baby Paws started making baby shoes in 1985 at Sandy Bay in Tasmania and is considered a leading supplier of Soft Soled Shoes for babies and toddlers in Australia. The Baby Paws trademark is registered in Australia and many other countries around the world. 

The company enjoys continuing success in producing arange of high-quality babies shoes designed to give babies and toddlers, aged from 0 to 24 months, a comfortable and sound base upon which their feet can enjoy the freedom to develop naturally towards their first steps, and beyond. 

The owners of the business work at our Headquarter premises in Mornington, Tasmania and are completely involved in the day to day operation of Baby Paws. The premises have been owned and occupied by Baby Paws since 1996.

Our reputation is built on the high standard of quality, both in terms of materials and workmanship, and the levels of service which we provide to our distributors, retail outlets, and our internet and mail-order customers. The Baby Paws products are sold in Australia and internationally through leading department stores, specialty baby wear stores, footwear stores and through the Internet. 

Our leather is specially made for us to meet our own exacting safety and durability specifications, and conforms to international safety standards.

The full product range consists of many different styles incorporating lace up, elastic or Velcro fastening boots and sandals.

Through the implementation of strict quality control measures, the level of the returned product is almost non-existent. The reliability of the product, and the company’s ability to deliver orders are considered to be key features in our ability to outperform competitors and to satisfy the demands of our many customers worldwide.

The entire range has a “cuteness” factor which is widely accepted by the purchaser of baby and toddler products.

We are constantly developing new designs to meet the ever increasing fashion and safety demands of consumers.

Typical purchasers of the products are young mothers whose purchasing decisions are influenced by their desire to have their child wear the highest quality safest pair of shoes. Often recommendations emanate from family, friends, child health clinic workers, pediatricians and podiatrists. Many of our shoes are purchased as gifts.  Usually, they are bought by Grandmothers, Aunts and previous users of our shoes. Often shoes are bought by grandparents because they remember our quality from the time that the new father or mother wore Baby Paws when they were babies! So, from one generation to the next, we continue to satisfy customers.

We also enjoy a high rate of repeat purchase business, where shoes are bought for younger brothers, sisters,cousinsand friends.

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