Tanya Sims                   


2013 saw a resumption in my working/playing with sandstone, an activity I began in the year 2000 when first arriving to Tasmania from Western Australia.  I enjoy the process and may even call sandstone sculpture a personal indulgence.  Sculpting from stone, whilst being physically demanding I mainly use hammer, chisel and rasp, is also rewarding as the visual idea emerges from stone takes on a life of its own.


My subject matter is generally rounded with flowing lines and curves as I find these kinds of forms are accentuated by the natural lines and colours within the stone that only becomes evident as the form is slowly relieved.  Combining sandstone with metal allows for the finer detail and Tasmanian timbers to act as a practical yet beautiful addition to balance and provide a contrasting background which once again enhances the sculpture.


I hope you enjoy my work as much as I have in making it!