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Myrtle Burl Bowl

Myrtle Burl Bowl

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I have had a love of wood all my life, and have been involved in antique furniture restoration, bush furniture construction, wood turning and carving over the past 30 years.

I turned my first piece at the age of 10 on a home-made lathe – a sugar bowl made from a fallen Mallee tree root.

Since moving to Tasmania in 1998 I have reveled in the working with local specialty timbers (Huon Pine, Myrtle and Sassafras) salvaged from Forestry coups.  I also particularly enjoy working with, Tasmania eucalypt burls.

The unique features of each piece of wood ‘talk to me’ and ultimately determine what the final product will be - no two pieces are the same.

Working with wood continues to be a great source of enjoyment; it reveals its inner beauty and is able to be transformed into forms that can be enjoyed by others.

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