Drew Badcock     

Tiger Myrtle Box



Rare tiger myrtle

Felt inlay on interior base

15cm L   x  12cm W  x 4.5cm H


A cabinet maker a farmer, growing poppies and grain crops on the red soils of Tasmania’s north coast, at Exton.  Interested in woodwork from an early age, making model planes and boats, he gained experience with timber after leaving school by building a shearing shed and over a dozen other farm buildings, and through restoring furniture for local clients.  “I am self-taught, mainly from books and observation and I am developing my own style in contemporary furniture – strong construction for a long life is a priority for me”.


He originally started making boxes to use up the small scraps of attractive wood – using offcuts and small pieces of highly figured timber that were too attractive to discard.  He has now made many hundreds, continually refining the shape, and more recently has to buy in timber especially to make them.