Fiona Inch        


  Fishermen's Net Scarf


100%  felted wool


Wrap around neck in same manner as other scarves

Comes in a range of vibrant colour combinations

166cm L  x  77cm W



Fiona Inch holds a Bachelor of Arts from Melbourne University, has enjoyed a career in media industry and is a fluent speaker of German and Italian.


Fiona loves the versatile and tactile nature of wool and how, with the same basic ingredients, artist are free to develop their own unique style and creations.


She has been fortunate to work with many talented artists from around the world and recently held a solo exhibition of felted creations.  These were handcrafted using the finest merino wool and silk.  Some of these creations are designed to be wearable, some whimsical but all born from imagination with striking colours that are not for the faint hearted.


Fiona has completed studies in interior design, decorative painting and mosaics including a two-year period of commissions and teaching workshops.


Fiona has travelled to many parts of the world including Iceland and lives in Hobart, Australia.  Hobart is Australia’s smallest and most southerly city of 250,000 people on the island Tasmania.  Similar to Iceland it as a vibrant arts community that draws inspiration from a dynamic climate and spectacular landscape.