I have always been drawn to the raw beauty of nature and the interaction of Water, Earth, Fire, and…. the hammer, and of the beauty of the often raw landscape that is Australia and its influences upon the prism through which I see.


My new work is a distillation and focus of these feelings. Often we are raw, and are rough…. and we are so often beautiful.


I hope you see this in my work.


I have worked continuously in the creation of fine art jewellery since graduation, exhibiting and selling widely in Australia, the South Pacific, and the USA.


I have designed corporate giftware for the Australian Government, Symbols of Office for Dignitaries in the Pacific Islands making use of ancient custom symbols set with precious metals, and the many pieces of commissioned jewellery which celebrate the stories and loves of my many clients.


Gold and Silversmithing, and the precious jewels created by nature and torn from the earth have been both my inspirations and my sirens, always my love and always… “ a Harsh Mistress”.



Gavin MacSporran

South Arm (Paradise Peninsula)