Marcus Cooper    





Ready to hang

25.5cm L   x  17.5cm W  x  1.5cm H


Born mid-century in Hobart into a family of boat builders and merchants, I attended art school in the early 70s and studied under Paul Boam and Peter Taylor, where I developed a serious desire for the sculpture of simplicity.

I worked for a while for Steven Walker, making his sculptures and then in the mid-70s took up jewellery making.  Then came the boxes in the early 80s which continue to be made by me.

Some small years ago I studied the ancient art of Bronze carving overseas – and now have finally, after 20 years or so, produced, in large enough scale to have sufficient visual impact, some seriously persistent images that are akin to relics of a culture and suggestive of a mythology long forgotten or perhaps even imagined.  They are totemic in their nature and presentation, with connotations of Dreamtime stories.

Above all they strikingly suggestive.