Matt Carney                  


(1966 – 2011)

Mathew Carney was a mid-career sculptor with a huge talent and his work is becoming greatly sought after here in Australia.  Matt specialized in mild works as well as lost wax bronze.


In his early training, Matt completed a Bachelor of Fine Art at the university in both sculpting and painting.

He then apprenticed himself to a well-known Australian sculptor Stephen Walker as an assistant in bronze casting.  During this time Matt also completed several major public works and maintained his own studio.


The nineties found Matt in London where Richard Branson recognized the theatricality of his sculpture background and he was hired as a creative consultant to design and fit out the interiors of Branson’s Voyager Club Empire.


Matt returned to Tasmania in 1996 and established a working studio.

Matt now not only sells his work across Australia but has interest and followers from Iceland to Hong Kong.


Collections include Art s Tasmania, Leonard Bernstein Collection NYC, Richard Branson Collection; London and private collections in America, Japan, England, and Singapore.

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