Rex Heathcote               


Rex's journey into the world of furniture design and making started as a child in Launceston at his parent's furniture factory.

This leads him to work and study the furniture making process in more detail in Europe as an apprentice/student.
Combining the older craft skill with technology to produce interesting decorative and functional furniture made from local and imported timber and veneer.
Exploring the amazing theatre of styles for all the decorative art disciplines in galleries, studio's, private homes and workshop's gave Rex a deep respect for the craft skills that lie at the heart of all these styles over the ages. 
Formulating his philosophy that " without the understanding of whats possible within the skill base of the making process the imagined concept of the finished piece will be limited or at best, compromised ".
Over the past 3 decades Rex Heathcote Furniture has become synonymous with beautifully designed and crafted furniture that has been exhibited and sold nationally and internationally.