Huon Pine Wall mounted extendable lamp code 2021320

23cm $330 30cm $405  43cm $587

23cm $330 30cm $405 43cm $587

Huon Pine Lamp Shade 24cm code 2019362 30cm code 2020505 43cm code 2020440


Svend Madsen was born in Denmark where he studied drawing and design at the Interior Architect School in Copenhagen in the late 1960’s. 


He immigrated to Australia in 1967 and has lived here continuously since then.


Svend has always been interested in woodwork and design.  Since leaving the business world he now has the time to pursue these interests.


All items for sale are handmade in his workshop in Taroona.  Svend says that the inspiration for some of the design of his material comes from the shape, look, and properties of the timber piece.


Svend particularly loves the warmth and beauty of Huon Pine and believes that the glow from the Huon Pine lampshades is “Hyggelig” which is the Danish word for cozy and homelike.