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Huon Pine Small Wombat

Huon Pine Small Wombat

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Huon Pine Large Platypus

Huon Pine Large Platypus

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During the many expeditions with the museum to different
Thomas arrived in Australia at age seven and was educated at Friends’ School in Hobart. After jobs at the Hobart Museum and CSIRO, he went to England, having gained a position at the British Museum of Natural History. 

Thomas Andersen spent his early childhood in Denmark, his father was from a family who had bred horses for over a hundred years, his mother Estonian, from a seafaring family. Thomas remembers large paintings and tapestries in his grandfather’s farmhouse, perhaps the stories and legends he paints go back to those early years. countries he found painting and drawing specimens easy and engrossing. Later he went to sea working on bulk carriers sailing to European and American ports. While a painter, designerandHis paintings & sculpture can be found in collections all over the world including Australia,

Returning to Tasmania, Thomas became a fisherman, married, then built Strickland Gallery (now known as Wellington Gallery). He continued to paint prolifically; for commissions, and for the corporate market in Australia and overseas, also holding many solo exhibitions. He maintained a steady output working mostly in acrylic for more than 40 years.

Throughout these years he played trumpet in various modern jazz groups and held his first exhibition in Copenhagen, the paintings selling almost immediately, his art and the buying public always in harmony. 

musician he also worked as an expedition artist for the University of Aarhus in Denmark and the Tasmanian Museum. Europe and the United States – to his work has been exhibited at date forty-eight solo exhibitions.

His last available works are currently exhibited at Wellington Gallery in the foothills of Mt.Wellington in Hobart, Tasmania. The gallery was built in 1976 and exhibits over one hundred works in three display areas surrounding a fern courtyard.

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